David Helfgott is one of the world’s best-loved pianists.

The hero of the film Shine, in which his remarkable life was portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in an Oscar winning performance, will give a dazzling solo recital of popular romantic works.

David will be performing in Sydney on his 71st birthday.


Frédéric Chopin
Ballade No.4 in F Minor, Op.52

Franz Liszt
Sonetto 104 del Petrarca
Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
Dante Sonata


Modest Mussorgsky
Pictures at an Exhibition

No. 1 “The Gnome”
Promenade (2nd)
No. 2 “The Old Castle”
Promenade (3rd)
No. 3 “Tuileries (Children’s Quarrel after Games)”
No. 4 “Cattle”
Promenade (4th)
No. 5 “Ballet of Unhatched Chicks”
No. 6 “Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle”
Promenade (5th)
No. 7 “Limoges. The Market (The Great News)”
No. 8 “Catacombs (Roman Tomb)”
No. 9 “The Hut on Hen’s Legs (Baba Yaga)”
No. 10 “The Bogatyr Gates (In the Capital in Kiev)”

David Helfgott – An Impression

Images ©Cameron Herweynen